Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Final Mission Report from Kris and LeeOra Minefee, Flagstaff, AZ

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends

This will be the last report letter I write as a missionary to Flagstaff, Arizona. LeeOra and I wish to thank all of you for your continued support, prayers and help but we feel that December should be the last month we officially receive support as missionaries. As of yet, we have not found a church to pastor though we have been in touch we a couple of churches. So far the Lord has not moved us and we will patiently wait for His direction. In the meantime we will seek whatever open doors he might have for us here in Flagstaff.

I apologize for this letter being so far removed from the last report but in Pastor Larry Jone's resignation from Santa Fe Baptist, our home church, we lost access to the email database. Once we had that back we were able to mail this last update. Please prayer for Santa Fe Baptist at this time. We are still members there but will be looking to join a local Baptist church here in the very near future. It is difficult because there are no true unaffiliated independents in the area.

LeeOra and I continue to have opportunities to witness at our jobs and we would ask you to pray for those individuals that God has placed in our lives at this time. I also am writing extensively and using what avenues are open to me for outreach through the internet. It is not pastoring of course but it is challenging and hopefully some of the seeds planted will bear fruit in the Lord's time.

I am truly grateful to all of you for giving me the opportunity to represent both the Lord and you in Flagstaff. The outcome was not at all what we had hoped but God's Word does not return void and we leave the results in His hands. Your love for us both and your support during my heart valve surgery and recuperation have shown me how much God uses his people during times of crises and how much His love shows through them. I was not, nor ever will be worthy of the offerings or prayers that you gave and can only thank you for being used of God in such a wonderful way and at such a time.

My health now is good, though unfortunately the Doctors tell me the new valve will have to be replaced sooner than expected. It may be a year or 5 but not the 20 or 30 they originally forecast. The valve that was placed in my heart was too small due to the calcification around the valve and the enlargement of that side of my heart from the over-compensating work it did during my lifetime. Consequently the new valve will wear out quickly and I will once again be in open heart surgery, this time for a mechanical valve where size is not a factor. (Its best if you don't ask why they didn't do this the first time, since we've already asked and there were no good answers offered.)

Nevertheless, barring that future date, I am working part-time and feel good. I walk daily and my delivery job with Meals on Wheels for Coconino County is enjoyable and easily accomplished even with my present heart valve. The only time I notice the problem is when climbing more than one flight of stairs or walking uphill. The valve can't pass enough blood through and I become short of breath, much like being very out of shape. Other than that I could be 20 again, well maybe 40 or 45. I have no worries about pastoring for though that is a hard job, it usually hurts and rejoices the heart of a metaphysical kind more than the physical one.

Thank you again for all you have done and I regretfully but sincerely ask that you cease supporting us after December. It will be financally tight here of course but the Lord will provide as He always has and your support should be going to those more active on the front lines of missionary work.

In deep gratitude and love,

Kris and LeeOra Minefee

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Vision Mission Report June/ July

Just a quick note to keep you all updated. In the past couple of months I have had pastors and friend put my name to a couple of churches without pastors. I also sent a resume to one church and an email to another. So far there has been no response from the churches nor an acknowledgment of my emails or resume. I know that choosing a new pastor is a difficult undertaking. It can be a tremendous blessing or a curse to both the church and the pastor. We are, therefore, leaving it in God’s hands and His timing. LeeOra and I pray several times a day that God can still use us in the ministry but whatever the future holds we will continue to serve where we can and as we can.

In the meantime God has opened some interesting doors here in Flagstaff. I am now doing a Bible Study with a man who is a Sabbath Day Christian with a strong emphasis on the OT law and Jewish rather than English names for God (Yahweh) and Jesus (Yeshua). We are having good discussions and I have no idea where it will wind up but I’m grateful for the chance to talk about the Lord.

I am working as a Meal on Wheels Driver for the county and though it is only part time it has allowed me to make contact with several people who all know I am a Baptist Pastor and have asked for prayer, Bible answers and/or my opinion on creation, evolution and even demons. One young man has expressed interest in coming to church, “as soon as you get a building.” I’m trying to get him to start Bible Studies in our or his home.

I continue to write and correspond with several people and have opportunities daily to give the Gospel to atheists, agnostics and liberals as well as trying to reason with Methodist, Lutheran and Episcopal ministers (I use the term loosely) who call me names and say I am no Christian if I stand for God’s word against the now accepted sins of our society.

Once again I thank you for your prayers and during this time of transition for your continued support. I am not worthy of either but that has never been God’s reason for any blessings in our lives and truly you all have been a great blessing. We ask you to keep us in mind if you hear of an independent Baptist Church needing a pastor and know that we lift your names in thanksgiving before God in all our prayers.

            If you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason we can be reached via e-mail at krisminefee@gmail.com or through Facebook or you can call us at 832 226-8419. Or you may contact our supporting church and Pastor Larry Jones at Santa Fe Baptist in Santa Fe, Texas email ljones@santafebaptist.org.

May God Bless,

Kris and LeeOra Minefee

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mission Report April/May 2015

Dear Pastors, Supporting Churches, Family and Friends,

This is a letter I truly do not want to write but realizing that not all endeavors for the Lord are successfully it is time to begin seeking another place to serve the Lord other than church planting in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I have discussed this with my sponsoring Pastor Larry Jones and both of us agree that it is time to move on. Most of the reason for not being able to get a work starting here is of course my fault. My inexperience as a church planter made it difficult in places where others might have been able to see their way clear. The economy and our finances kept us from doing the outreach we needed or renting a place to invite people to come. Only having the two of us, without other team members or our family was a greater difficulty than either LeeOra or I thought it would be. Finally, my heart valve giving out just as we both had part time jobs and were looking to rent a building stopped us completely. After a several months long recovery I am well and anxious to once again serve the Lord but knowing the difficulties and time required to get things going again here, I do not feel it would be proper to ask our supporting churches to continue to support the effort here in Flagstaff.

            I am extremely grateful for the love, prayers and especially the patience of those who have supported us for so long. You have sustained us both physically and spiritually. We truly seek your prayers now as we begin to seek where the Lord would use us. LeeOra and I both greatly long to be back in the Lord’s service in any way that He could use us. We are humbly asking our supporting churches and friends to consider continuing our support for a little longer as we fervently begin to search for a pastorate and then move. We also would ask you to put our names to any church seeking a pastor if you feel so led. We both believe we have many more years to give to the Lord and desire to see Him use us in His service.

            We both are very lonely for church fellowship and services once again. Not being able to preach and teach every week has created a great need in my heart to be once again doing those things in the Lord’s Church. We long to sing in the congregation, teach Sunday School and of course preach. These are very precious when you have been without them. 

            If you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason we can be reached via e-mail at krisminefee@gmail.com or through Facebook or you can call us at 832 226-8419. Or you may contact our supporting church and Pastor Larry Jones at Santa Fe Baptist in Santa Fe, Texas email ljones@santafebaptist.org. Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done and ask they you continue in your prayers for us and as the Lord leads in your support for the next few months or so or until we can find a place of service.

May God Bless,

Kris and LeeOra Minefee

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 2105 Mission Report

Dear Churches, Pastors, Family and Friends,

One year ago this month our life and ministry took a decidedly different turn when my heart valve failed and I went down for the count, well almost. Thanks to LeeOra and of course the Lord I survived and came away with a new valve, a renewed outlook on life and a lot of medical bills. I am very grateful for your prayers, patience and understanding during the time of readjustment and recovery. We are still adjusting in some areas and recovering in others but feel like this anniversary marks a place where we can really put the heart issues behind us and look forward to what the Lord has planned for our future.

In celebrating the anniversary of my operation and our 38th wedding anniversary LeeOra and I hiked down into the Grand Canyon, a total of 8 miles round trip and a change in elevation of 2050 ft. Going down was easy going back up was very, very tough. I realized I’m not fully back to normal as I needed several rest stops and it took about 3 times longer to go up as it did to descend. Normal time for hiking is between 4 and 6 hours but it took us 8 and LeeOra wasn’t the one slowing us down. Still it was a good test and I feel that with more walking daily I have nothing to worry about as far as my recovery goes. It was a great place to see God’s handiwork and realize that he is also working on me.

We have been attending Lighthouse Baptist in Camp Verde during my recovery. I have had the opportunity to preach, which is a better tonic than pills or hikes for a preacher and may be doing some Bible Studies on Sunday night soon. Bro. Randall and all the members have been a real blessing to us and have become like another home church away from home church for us.

LeeOra and I have been fervently and faithfully praying about our ministry here in Flagstaff and our service to the Lord. We are asking Him to lead us where we need to go or to confirm where we need to stay. I am overwhelmed by all of our supporting churches and pastors who have been so faithful to stand by and would humbly ask that you join us in praying for God’s will in our lives at this time. We are ready emotionally, spiritually and physically to be where God can use us. Though we are unworthy of such service, we know God has called us and is faithful to fulfill that calling. Please continue to pray on our behalf.

In God’s service
Kris and LeeOra Minefee

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mission Report for Jan/Feb 2015

Dear Churches, Pastors, Family and Friends,

I apologize for the length of time between this and the last letter. My continued recovery from heart surgery and the process of trying to find a job and catch up on the bills has taken more time than I expected.

Since I last wrote my health has steadily improved with no real effects from my heart valve replacement. My new valve beats much louder than my old one, but then again my old one was barely beating at all toward the end. The new valve is made from cow heart and for some strange reason I no longer like steak. Must be a side effect I guess. On the positive side I really enjoy chicken a lot more. I exercise and or walk most days of the week and only occasionally notice a little pain in my chest from the operation. I really don’t believe there is anything physical that will hold me back other than being my age.

I was able to find work at a warehouse for 3 weeks but the job was a temporary position and I am once again looking. The job at a warehouse was a real blessing and helped us make progress in our expenses and we look forward to God opening up other opportunities for employment in the near future. LeeOra has continued in her home care business though it does taper off during the winter months. The Lord has used her to make contact with several people in the area that have been blessings to us and we pray that we have been to them.

Myself, Bro. Randall and Bro McEntire
In December we were able to attend my first missions conference since coming to Flagstaff. Mojave Valley Baptist Church and pastor Don Randall Jr. was our host and the speaker for the conference was pastor James McEntire from Freeport, Tx. It was good to see Bro. McEntire again as we both were pastors on the third coast of Texas. He preached a great message and the fellowship both during and after the service was a true blessing for these missionaries on the field.

I would sincerely ask for you all to pray for us as we seek God’s will for our future. We feel we are at a turning point and after the setbacks of the economy, difficulty finding work and my health we are at a place where we need to make some decisions about continuing or asking the Lord to use us somewhere else. I can never express how grateful LeeOra and I are for all that you have done for us and we are constant in our prayers asking God’s blessing on you all.

In God’s service

Kris and LeeOra Minefee

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mission Report for September 2014

Dear Pastors, Churches, Family and Friends.

This prayer letter/ mission report has been on hold for some time awaiting some type of resolution concerning my possible upcoming heart surgery. With this writing I am glad to say we now have an answers.  In early August I went back to the hospital for another CT scan. This was to give a picture of my heart and especially my malformed aortic arch, which was caused by the same condition that gave me a bad aortic valve. The doctors were concerned that with a new valve the increased pressure on the arch could cause an aneurysm. It was with great relief and many praises to the Lord that we can now say that the Doctors saw no change in the arch post-surgery. Though the arch is badly elongated, warped, and twisted it seems the risk to fix it outweighs the benefit I might receive. So at this point I have been told to get on with the rest of my life and that is what I plan to do.

We also had to wait before sending out this letter to know if we would need your prayers on a matter of LeeOra’s health. For the first time in 3 years LeeOra was able to get a mammogram and the results showed a mass. This first exam was followed by a second and finally an MRI was scheduled to confirm if there was a need for a biopsy. We did not want to cause alarm and so waited until the MRI was done to give a report. Once again the Lord has been gracious and the MRI showed no mass at all. There was no need for a biopsy and the mass seen was either a false positive or just some dense glandular material. Other than another yearly exam, LeeOra is also good to go and as always healthier than her husband still.

We are grateful for the prayers of our family, home church and close friends that we did ask to pray while we waited for the results. The feeling of being in the care of God’s grace and God’s people is one of the greatest comfort we have experienced this side of Heaven.

At this time we will continue striving to serve the Lord here in Northern Arizona. We are picking up the pieces in many ways but God has been so good that it is hardly a burden. I must find a PT job again in order to have the funds necessary to find a suitable location to rent and begin outreach in earnest. LeeOra has been cleaning homes and was able to bring in enough to get us through this lean time. The last of our savings, most of which came from love offerings from churches, family and friends, is gone but it got us through the last six months and we were very grateful it was there.

While we are trying to get back to where we were, we are determined to remain busy for the Lord. I have spoken to Pastor Don Randall at Lighthouse Baptist in Camp Verde, about an hour and a half from our home, and have asked if we could work with his young church in whatever capacity he would see fit. This would keep us busy in the Lord’s work, give us valuable experience working with a veteran church planter, the joy their sweet fellowship while at the same time contributing what talents we have to help the new church.

Meanwhile, I have a new online Bible study starting this month with Temple Baptist Church in Texas City, where Bro. Rudy Rios is pastor. I will be teaching Ecclesiology to several of his young men as well as some others that I have invited through our internet and web outreach.

We also have been contacted by a woman in Prescott Valley also about an hour and a half from Flagstaff who is interested in finding a church and or Bible Studies. We are in the process of seeing what we can do to answer her questions. Please pray that we might be a blessing to her and that the Lord would lead us in how best to respond.

As I have said before, your patience with us during this time and your prayers for us have been so greatly appreciated. I do not feel that we deserve such patience but so glad God has given all of you to us as supporters and friends. Thank you again and again.

In His name and service,

Kris and LeeOra Minefee